Friday, 25 February 2011

Nadine & Simon Engagement Photographs

It was a very dull, cloudy day on the farm when Nadine and Simon came over for their engagement photoshoot. Mother Nature wasn't up for much of a display so it was up to us to brighten the surroundings with a little love and laughter. I had some delightful 'love' letters hand cut from wood that look great, but as it turned out, Nadine and Simon were naturals and their happiness and affection made for some beautiful spontaneous photographs just as they were, no props needed. And I have to say Nadine is going to make a gorgeous bride, the second photograph down is my favourite and absolutely proves that. I'll be photographing their wedding at the end of April at Norwood Park in Southwell. Mirror Imaging Photography wedding photographers Nottinghamshire

Friday, 18 February 2011

Let It Rain!

If your wedding is approaching and you're marrying in the UK, you will no doubt stop at some point to worry about the weather, look skyward and pray for sunshine! Even in the wind and rain I can take beautiful wedding images, the cloudy skies result in more flattering defused light – and the saying goes that rain represents the gods smiling on your marriage! However, despite this positive perspective it can still cause you stress on the day if provisions for bad weather haven’t been made. As a UK based wedding photographer, rain comes with the job and I make every effort to plan for all weathers. There are also a few significant measures you, as the bride and groom, can take to make sure it doesn't spoil your day, you make the best of the weather and you have amazing wedding photographs.

1. Choose an All-Weather (not a Fair-Weather) Venue

Some wedding venues I've photographed have no provision whatsoever if it rains. I once had to capture beautiful, intimate photographs of the couple in a small section of an adjoining conference room with guests spilling in and out to shelter from the elements. They loved their photos, but it was obviously more difficult for the couple to relax into this experience, when it should be one of the most enjoyable times of the day. With blustery rain outside and no other room to use, the venue coordinator just shrugged their shoulders.

Therefore, when you're choosing your venue ask about their bad weather strategy. The indoor space available will be full of guests in the event of rain, so is there extra space to have your photographs taken - away from your guests – in these circumstances? A venue with plenty of natural light, such as an Orangery or conservatory, can be just as good as being outside, without having to step into the wind or rain. Many wedding venues have wonderful entrances and grand porchways undercover yet open at the sides, which are perfect for your family photographs.

If you've already booked and paid for your venue, and can see it's a potential problem, ask if the venue would be prepared for you to put your own free-standing gazebos outside, which can be purchased quite inexpensively and decorated beautifully with flowers or bunting – with comfy chairs underneath as chill-out zones. Try the Garden and Outdoors section of for open sided gazebos or white party tents such as this white gazebo This also gives your smoking guests some protection, as well as allowing other guests to get some fresh air and not crowd the reception room.

2. Uh Oh! White Wedding Shoes and Wet Grass!

White satin or silk heels and the British weather are not overly compatible. There is nothing worse than sinking your cream heels into wet grass and staining them for good, especially if you chose to wear a pair of much coveted Jimmy Choos on your big day! If you suspect rain, there are a couple of options.

Wedding boots are great for winter weddings or cold weather, look good with a long dress, keep you warm and because they support your ankle they're likely to be more comfortable all-day. Rachel Simpson does a classy yet modern cut-away wedding boot with suede trim and leather heel.

Try the high street for a wedding shoe with a metal, plastic or leather heel, rather than the usual material or satin, which will wipe clean yet look just as elegant. Alternatively, protect your heels with this clever solution or slip these on after your ceremony when you step outside and stop that sinking feeling.

Another option is to have a spare pair of boots at the ready, or even wedding wellingtons! Then you can change footwear for your photos, hitch up your dress and have some fun in the elements, which makes for some wonderful, natural photographs and removes any stress about keeping your shoes as new. Opt for cream wellies for the bride and black for the groom, or pick a fun coloured or patterned pair of wellingtons to match your wedding theme.

3. Take Cover In Style

Hiring or buying umbrellas en masse may be a relatively low cost compared to the difference this can make to the comfort of you and your guests. Options are available online for both buying or hiring white umbrellas. As the bride, you should get to stand under something a little more special, and there are some stunning umbrellas that would look great in your wedding photographs. Some of my favourites can be found online:

Go for this wonderful cancan inspired umbrella for pretty-as-a-picture ruffles. This elegant parisian parasol looks summery but will also protect you from a light shower. I'm a little bit in love with all of the umbrellas in the glamorous Chantal Thomas range so choose the one that suits your wedding theme best. Beads add romance to this pretty umbrella and the white colour will light up your face in your photos. And finally, what could be more romantic than being photographed together with this love heart umbrella?

4. Brave the Elements!

Your wedding dress is possibly the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought, so you’re understandably protective about it. You’ve taken ages to get ready, your hair and makeup is perfect and the dress and veil make it more difficult to maneuver in - so add rain and wind into the equation and some brides just prefer to stay indoors! Where brides won’t step outside in their dress, we still capture beautiful photographs inside, yet you cannot beat the beauty, variety and light available in the outdoors and I always love it when a couple are a little braver. I’ve had some wonderful brides in the past that did step outside and were so happy they did. Their dramatic images featured rolling black clouds, romantic ‘under the umbrella’ moments and fabulous lifted veils floating in the wind.

If you’re getting married in the winter or autumn months, invest in another layer. For luxurious warmth without weight, how about this cashmere cardigan in soft white or their wonderful pashmina shawl in the same colour. Alternatively the Makepiece Wedding Collection features some very beautiful, delicate designs in natural wool at very reasonable prices.

Try and relax about keeping your dress pristine, as almost every wedding dress, even in the hottest weather, picks up dirt and dust on the day. It will no doubt need a professional dry-clean no matter how careful you are. Most dresses are lined and when placed on the ground carefully they won't mark. I always work with a wonderful assistant who is also there to help carry your dress, position it perfectly, and make sure it won't hit the ground until it should! Sometimes we've used towels or blankets under the dress to protect it. And we work a whole lot faster in the rain! So it is possible to have wonderful wedding photographs knowing we take the greatest care of you and your dress - and if you're prepared to venture outside, you'll definitely be rewarded with more fabulous and varied images.

Beautiful Wet Weather Photographs...

To see just how wonderful your wedding can look in the rain, see Lyndsey and James's romantic wedding images or some rainy weather wedding images from a variety of weddings. Then visit our website Mirror Imaging Wedding Photographers to contact Sarah and find out if your wedding date, whether it will be rainy or sunny, is available!