Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Carly & Stefan's Wedding

On Saturday I was at Norwood Park in Nottinghamshire, one of my favourite venues, for Carly and Stefan’s wedding day. I just absolutely loved photographing their wedding, not only because Carly now feels like an old friend, but also because their day was the epitome of all things romantic, from the pink theme and rose bouquets, to her vintage pearl jewellery, to that fabulous Hollywood Dreams dress, to all the personal touches that they’d put so much thought into – their amazing table bouquets for example, each one tagged for a loved family member to take home. The day began at The Old Vicarage, where the girls got ready, with Susan at Pretty Flamingo doing Carly’s wedding makeup (natural radiance was the brief – definitely achieved). We then relocated with hair and makeup done, with much less clutter and stuff (a simple idea that worked well) to Norwood Park’s honeymoon room to photograph Carly being laced into her dress. Throughout the whole day there was a real sense of generosity and creative talent, with friends and family having helped to make the cake, stationery, style Carly and her maids’ hair, organise the flowers (by Pam Gibson) and make gorgeous cupcakes as place settings. Everything a wedding should be about. Wishing Carly and Stefan a fabulous honeymoon in Malaysia and a lifetime of happiness to follow! I hope you love the first few photographs of your gorgeous day.

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Monday, 19 July 2010

Wedding flowers and their meaning...

I am fascinated by all things weddings and the importance of symbolism to make your day that little bit more personal and significant. The meaning or 'language' of flowers known as floriography goes back many years, when flowers used to be sent as messages, not just to say "I love you". Weaving these meanings into your wedding flowers seems to be a very romantic way to make your declaration of love even more personal. And the colours and vibrance of your flowers can set your wedding theme like nothing else. So, in the coming weeks, I hope to feature some wedding bouquets I've photographed in the past with their special meanings, which might just help you to choose your bouquet or even your entire wedding theme. To start, a rather different but special combination particularly suited to a relaxed, pretty, country wedding. This isn't a bouquet, it's straight from my garden, but would look stunning on a larger scale in a hand-tied posy. Daisies symbolise loyalty; Lavender (both English and French) means devotion; Rosemary means fidelity and devotion. So this combination is perfect to promise one another you'll stay true and always be each other's closest ally. And with yellow and purple sitting opposite on the colour wheel they look amazing together, as well as creating a rather wonderful scent.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Roses are red...

It's been a while since my last blog post. I've been very busy with personal projects, one of which is a brand new collection of fine art canvas prints. The first edition of a new print, entitled Red Rose, was a gift to my sister and her new husband for their wedding day, and I was so pleased with the result I thought I'd offer these to everyone. Slightly smaller than my other canvases, at a very displayable 20x20 inches, they are created using a die-sublimation process, which dips the textured cloth in ink, rather than coating it like much cheaper inkjet canvas prints. (This means it lasts longer without the usual cracking or fading.) The result is a beautiful piece of fabric art, featuring a square format image wrapped all the way round the frame. For just £150. I hope you love them as much as I do. Here is the first of the roses in all it's glory. It was just a shame I couldn't photograph the scent too!

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