Wednesday, 18 February 2009

It’s All About the Bride!

As a female wedding photographer I like to think I have a lot of empathy and understanding about how a woman likes to look in a photograph. For starters, many of us are not comfortable about having our photograph taken, as we’re used to handbag sized ‘point and shoot’ cameras with harsh flash and the unflattering results that can follow! On your wedding day you will hopefully feel prettier than you ever have before, and it’s the perfect time to capture an amazing shot of you, one that you would feel proud to have printed within the pages of a magazine. It’s my personal mission to achieve that beautiful portrait, ‘Vogue style’, within a wedding setting. Here are some of my black and white favourites, all taken in a living room, hotel room or outside, using natural light with on-camera flash.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Give the Gift of a Beautiful Photograph

Mirror Imaging wedding photographers nottingham are very pleased announce the arrival of our gift vouchers, which can be redeemed against our beautiful range of framed prints and canvases. These are available in a range of stunning voucher designs with a wedding theme, baby theme, portrait and coming soon, our fine art vouchers.

Vouchers make a great option to add on to your wedding gift list and, as they are valid for six months after the date of your wedding, you will be able to redeem them against some fabulous artwork of your wedding day. Simply add Mirror Imaging Vouchers with our telephone number on the bottom of your invitation/gift list, your guests can call before your wedding day and order the amount they want to give. Alternatively, they make unique and personal gifts for friends and family who would love a photo shoot – perhaps to announce an engagement or with a new baby arrival.

Each voucher is printed on photographic paper and then window framed in a white gift card (and envelope), which is left blank for your own personal message. Or have us write your message and post directly to the recipient.

Available in any denomination from £25 upwards. We regret that we cannot accept vouchers in part payment for wedding packages or album purchases. Please contact us on 07968 159465 for more information or to purchase.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Traditional v. Contemporary?

A large number of you will have in mind a particular style of wedding photography that you want to see in your wedding album. You may talk to several wedding photographers when planning your day and each should have a distinguishable approach and you should be able to see if it matches your style preferences (as well as you liking their personality too, which is just as important). If you take a look at a photographer’s entire wedding from start to finish, rather than just the ‘best bits’, you should be able to pick out strong images from every chapter of the day, with perhaps the photographs of the couple being some of the strongest.

Many, many couples, in fact all of you, have told me in the initial meeting that you don’t like posing for photographs. My response is always the same: (Firstly – me too!) I aim for all your wedding photographs to look warm and natural, whether you’re looking at the camera or not, but can achieve this in several ways, even if you know the camera is there. The photographs below speak for themselves, and their subjects are also all people who don’t like posing for the camera!

Often, because I’m right ‘in the thick of it’ during the highlights of your day, I can capture expressions and moments rather than poses, such as this black and white shot of Mark and his ushers messing about - see below - (playing scissor, paper, stone – a great way to distract from a few pre-wedding nerves!) Sometimes, I combine this with a little gentle choreography, to get a real epic shot where you appear lost in the moment (and often are) such as the shot of Eugenie and Craig doing the ‘dip kiss’, a truly romantic gesture that maintains its sincerity and emotion despite of the camera. Other parts of the day may call for some composed photographs - but without them ever looking forced, like this stunning portrait of Lois where natural light illuminates and flatters. If self-consciousness is an issue, a beautiful portrait can still be achieved without you staring straight into the lens.

As you can see, traditional meets contemporary to create different moods in each image and I use both styles to reflect the changing emotions throughout your day. This goes into making beautiful and moving wedding albums that tell the story of your wedding day and take you right back to the emotion of it all.