Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Marie & Liam’s Wedding

Many congratulations to Marie & Liam who were married on Saturday 6th June at St Paul’s Church in Daybrook, Nottingham. They held their reception at the nearby Tower Suite at Lakeside Restaurant. Lakeside’s gardens are a lovely setting for Nottinghamshire wedding photography, however for a while it looked like the wedding photographs were going to have to be taken indoors, as it was cold and raining heavily all morning. Fortunately we were blessed that the rain stopped altogether during the service and the weather stayed dry for the photographs of Marie and Liam in Lakeside’s lush greenery and gardens.

St Paul’s Church provided a beautiful setting for their ceremony, having high ceilings and a stunning alter and stained glass ceiling. My appreciation goes to the verger, Norman and the Reverend for being extra helpful and accommodating. After the service, Marie and Liam had organised a traditional red double-decker bus for their guests to travel in style, which was also dressed with ribbons for the wedding.

As always, the full collection will be online in the coming weeks but in the meantime a few highlights from their day are below.

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