Monday, 15 December 2008

Wedding Photography on Facebook!

I seemed to be one of the last amongst my friends to join the online networking site Facebook in the Summer of 2007, and it has since proved very addictive! I’ve also found it incredibly valuable to meet new people who may be getting married or would like some portraits of family and new arrivals. Mirror Imaging therefore has its very own business page as of July 2008, now with just over 50 members, where you can view all my latest work, leave me messages, meet other customers, add a comment to the discussion board, write a review or just become a fan!

Facebook is a brilliant way of reaching other people and learning about products and services, and it is especially useful as a Nottingham wedding photographer, as I’m able to display where I am based and show off my portfolio as well! Personal recommendations are always the best way to meet new clients, and when a couple is entrusting their wedding to you, it must be more reassuring to know that their friends were delighted with their photographs too. If you haven’t already become a fan of Mirror Imaging, I would very much appreciate your support, so please visit me at Mirror Imaging on Facebook or do a search within facebook for Mirror Imaging. Thank you!

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