Sunday, 3 August 2008

Still Life Prints

Those of you who have read the About page will know that prior to wedding and portrait photography, I spent some time photographing flowers and the odd landscape, much of which was kept for my private collection and never printed.

Mirror Imaging will be selling these prints online as mounted and framed images, with the same quality and attention to detail as we present our wedding and portrait work.

Many of the images have been photographed in what is called macro format, which basically means very close up. They are larger than life, extremely colourful and look equally at home in traditional or contemporary settings. Almost exclusively taken with only natural light in their garden setting and without any digital enhancement, it just goes to show just how beautiful nature can be when you get in close enough!

I hope you agree that they make amazing presents and artwork for your wall. Please look out for them in the future, when the online shopping area of the site will allow customers to view and buy photographs over the internet. Or, if you would like to enquire about ordering a print before then please email me at

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